Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Know Lucifer

It’s true! I know Lucifer…personally. In fact, he attends our church. His wife is even on staff at our school. I bet you didn’t even know that Lucifer had a wife, did you? I’m talking about a very talented man named David Felty. His wife, Jen, is our Music Teacher here at Lititz Christian School. Why do I equate David Felty with Lucifer? Isn’t that kind of mean, rude and unreasonable? Not really. You see, David is one of the actors and singers at the Sight and Sound Theater in Strasburg and in their current production about creation, called In The Beginning, David plays the role of Lucifer! And I must admit, he plays it very well. Maybe we should pray more for his wife!

Recently a wonderful couple from our church took my wife and me to see this amazing production. From start to finish it was superb. You really need to be sure to get tickets. It is worth the trip and the money. The show starts with a wonderful depiction of the six days of creation ending with God making man in His own image and breathing into Adam the breath of life. Within moments after Adam comes on the scene the entire theater is transformed into the Garden of Eden complete with all the animals including dinosaurs. How cool it was to watch Jesus and Adam spending time together in perfect fellowship throughout the beauty of the garden and among all of His magnificent creation.

As if that was not perfect in and of itself, the Lord then completes Adam’s created need for companionship by taking a rib from his side and making Eve which culminates in the wedding of all weddings as Adam and Eve are joined together as husband and wife in the very first marriage. Though we live in a world today where more than half of all marriages end in divorce, this production allowed you to be reminded of what God’s original purpose for the wonderful gift of marriage was to be.

At this point in the show, David…I mean Lucifer…shows his true colors. This highest of God’s created angels becomes filled with envy and pride and convinces thousands of angels in heaven to side with him in a revolt against God. As Lucifer rises to the top of the theater with wings stretched wider than you can imagine, God strips him of his position and casts him and all of the rebelling angels out of heaven. Now the true enemy of God seeks to rob Him of His most prized possession…His creation of Adam and Eve.

The show goes on to depict the fall of all mankind through Adam and Eve; the murder of Abel by his older brother, Cain; all the way through the death of humanity’s first man…Adam. But the show ends in spectacular fashion as it looks into the future when Adam and Eve, due to the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, are restored to their original state of perfect fellowship with God as all of their descendants of all times who have placed their faith in Christ are with them at a wedding event even greater than what took place between Adam and Eve in the original Garden of Eden. This will be the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Yep, I know Lucifer. But don’t worry. I know the angelic messenger of God named Gabriel as well. He too attends our church. Our own Kerry Ashton played that role.

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