Friday, April 13, 2007

Meet Rev. Tim Auld

Rev. Tim Auld is currently a Faculty Member and Associate Director of Degree Program at Lancaster Bible College. Tim has a pastor’s heart whose main passion is shepherding and discipleship. Tim is a very relational person. His greatest love is meeting with people individually and in small groups, literally meeting them where they are and helping to see them move to where God wants them to be. Tim is gifted for this type of ministry. Tim is a quiet leader who is high in theology; in mercy and in teaching. He is also very organized. He is one who is a good listener, who can empathize well with others, and who can provide solid Biblical guidance.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Philadelphia Biblical University. While there he was the recipient of the Pastoral Studies Award which is the Senior Class honor given to the graduate who is best recognized for his outstanding ability and potential in pastoral ministry. Tim also holds a Master of Theological Studies degree from Heritage Theological Seminar in Cambridge, Ontario. During his studies, Tim took classes such as General Psychology (Bible College); Counseling Ministry (Bible College); Marriage and Family Counseling (Bible College); Pre-Marital Counseling in Pastoral Ministry (Seminary); Conflict and Power in the Church (Seminary); Moral Theology and Biblical Ethics (Seminary); Evangelism and Discipleship (Seminary); Small Group Ministry and Dynamics (Seminary); and much more.

Tim is experienced as a pastor having 10 years of pastoral experience including being a Senior Pastor at two different churches in Canada. Tim is a licensed and ordained pastor within the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada. In Tim’s experience as a pastor he has dealt with a wide variety of pastoral counseling issues including but not limited to marriage and family issues, spiritual growth issues, alcoholism issues, suicidal issues, depression issues, abuse issues and more. In the year he has been attending Grace Church he and his wife have taken the Pastor’s Class and have shown a complete adherence to our statement of faith and to the strategy and philosophy of ministry that we are pursuing as a church. They have also both been baptized and are joining the church.

As I look to hire staff, there are four things that I look at primarily. The first is character. Does the person have integrity of character? The second area is competence. Is the person competent to do the job that they are being hired to accomplish? Third, is there a chemistry that seems to exist that would make this person one who would interact well with myself and with our staff team as a whole? The fourth and final aspect is that of confidence. I have to have complete confidence in the person and their abilities. I am convinced that Tim is a winner in all four of these important areas.

Tim will bring a good balance to our team. Frankly, his quiet style of leadership and his ability to show mercy is an exact opposite of my temperament (no need for you to laugh or say ‘Amen’ here) and will give us a well-rounded staff. The fact that he is also strong in theology and in his ability to effectively teach will offer us great dividends as well.

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