Thursday, April 26, 2007

And Midwives Shall Lead Them

I started reading again the story of Moses. As I made my way through the first chapter of Exodus, I became very intrigued with the Hebrew Midwives. What incredible examples they are of faith, courage and obedience.

By this time in Old Testament history, the well respected Patriarch, Joseph, has long since died and a new Sheriff is in charge in the land of Egypt. He doesn’t know his history well and becomes very fearful at the staggering rate in which the Hebrew people have multiplied. His fear is that if they ever rose up against the throne and joined with the enemies of Egypt, all of the pyramids would in essence come tumbling down.

As a result he calls the Hebrew midwives whose job it was to help the Hebrew women give birth and instructed them that when the Hebrew babies were born to let the girls live but to kill the boys. Now obviously, this Pharaoh held the power of life and death over these midwives but Exodus 1:17 says this,

“But the midwives feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but let the boys live.”

There you have it! That is what is drastically missing in the church today. It is missing from our church leaders all the way down to the pews. These Hebrew midwives, at the risk of their own lives, concluded that their actions were going to stem from a fear of God. To fear God is to take Him seriously. It always results in obedience, faith and courage. Folks, listen, we do not know these midwives names but they are without question heroes of Scripture that we should strive to exemplify day in and day out today.

But as I continued reading I wasn’t just fascinated by the midwives, I was even more fascinated by the God of these midwives. Exodus 1:20 says,

“God was good to the midwives.”

Why was God good to these Hebrew Midwives? Because they feared Him. Because they took Him seriously. Because they obeyed Him courageously. God always rewards obedience. God always rewards faith. God always rewards us when we fear Him and choose to take Him seriously. In fact, verse 21 says,

“It came about because the midwives feared God, that He (God) established households for them.”

What did God do in return? He gave them their own families. He blessed them. Why? Because God always rewards obedience. He rewarded it in the lives of the Hebrew midwives and He will reward it in my life today and your life today. If these precious Hebrew midwives could take God that seriously, we can too! Lead on midwives!!

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