Thursday, January 24, 2013

When You're Forgotten

We did it!  I’m sure most parents who attend church regularly have as well at some point.  We forgot one of our kids at church when they were real little.  Being the pastor, I usually get to church very early on Sunday so my wife and I have always driven two separate vehicles to worship.  One Sunday we both got home without even realizing that one of our kids was missing.  I thought our kid came home with my wife and she thought that same child had come home with me.  Neither of us realized our oversight until we received a phone call from a faithful church member letting us know that they had our forgotten child!

Just a week or two after moving into our home here in Gaylord we were scheduled to have dinner with a delightful widow in our church.  My wife and I were burning the candle at both ends at that time trying to get our house set up and my ministry going at church.  One evening we were sitting out on the back deck, having just finished a quick dinner, when the phone rang.  It was this widow (still delightful, thankfully) wondering where we were.  The amazing dinner she had spent all day preparing for us was sitting on her table getting very cold.  We had totally forgotten her!

Have you ever been forgotten?  Have you ever felt forgotten by God?  As we continue our series this Sunday through the amazing life of the Old Testament character, Joseph, we will see Joseph in prison having been forgotten by the king’s cupbearer, and perhaps, being tempted to feel just as forgotten by God.  How do you respond when you feel forgotten?  Be sure to join us this Sunday (and invite someone to attend with you) as we see three L.A.W.’s for those who feel forgotten.

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