Thursday, January 10, 2013

Truths About Betrayal

Last Sunday here at the Gaylord E-Free Church we started a new series on the life of the Old Testament hero, Joseph, by examining the many lowlights of the dysfunctional family from which he came.  This Sunday we will continue this series by seeing Joseph thrown into the "Pit of Betrayal" by his very own brothers.

Have you ever found yourself in the "Pit of Betrayal?"  I honestly believe that few wounds pierce deeper or hurt longer than those wounds that are inflicted at the hands of betrayal.  There are many truths about betrayal that we can learn from this account of Joseph in Genesis 37.  In the days ahead I may add some postings in which I elaborate more on each of them, but for now, let me just list the truths about betrayal that we will see from the life of Joseph this Sunday as our series continues here at Gaylord E-Free Church.

Jealousy is often the root cause for betrayal!

Those who dream big dreams for God often carry a bulls-eye for betrayal!

Betrayal almost always includes a recruitment to a conspiracy!

Those who betray others often feel a satisfaction having rationalized and justified their actions! 

Betrayal seeks personal gain, no matter how little that gain might be!

Betrayal cannot take place without including falsehoods that hurt others!

The pain the comes from betrayal often gets worse before it gets better!

God has a purpose that He is fulfilling even in the midst of betrayal's pain!

God's presence is with you through every moment of betrayal!

The healing of the pain caused by betrayal often takes years to heal!


Glen said...

The couple of times, that come to mind, that I have felt betrayed have also brought to mind that "Had I been aware of how the other individual felt" perhaps some of my actions could have diverted the actions of the other person. Point in thought... with Joseph, even though his father favored him, had he had the insight to see the effect on his brothers (perhaps even sharing his new coat with them), just perhaps he could had obverted the favoritism that his father had shared. At least in my cases I look back and think "If I would had done something different if I had realized...."

Pastor Scott said...

Excellent point, Glen. I have also found that to be true, Unfortunately, we don't usually see the ways we "threw gasoline on the fire" until we are looking back at the situation. Thanks for commenting, brother!