Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Egypt Under Construction

Construction began this week on the stage for our new message series on the life of the Old Testament character, Joseph, that begins this Sunday at Gaylord E-Free Church. 

When it is done it will include a PIT on one side of the stage; a PRISON on the other side of the stage; and a PALACE in the middle of the stage. All of this will have as a backdrop seven brightly colored panels which will represent Joseph's coat of many colors. There is still much to do to complete the set by Sunday. 

What a great team of volunteers we have working under Joshua Rupp, our Director of Worship. I sure do appreciate all of the time, effort and creativity they put into each of our stage sets. I can't wait until Sunday! Why don't you join us (9:00am or 10:30am)?

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Alisa said...

I am such a visual learner! I have been praying that you will soon be able to have your sermons video and audio. Keep up the God work! Obedience = Blessings