Friday, January 18, 2013

Dealing with Betrayal - the Story of Joseph (part 6); THE PURPOSE IN BETRAYAL

God has a purpose that He is fulfilling even in the midst of betrayal’s pain.  In fact, God never allows us to go through any time pain, trial or adversity for no reason at all.  There is always a purpose.  There was for Joseph.

Ultimately, Joseph would find himself managing the entire country of Egypt where his leadership would save thousands upon thousand of people from starvation due to a horrible famine.  Where do you think Jospeh learned those leadership skills?  He didn’t learn it at home.  Remember, he was the favorite son of his father who never had to lift a finger.  He received everything on a silver platter.

But due to being thrown in the pit of betrayal Joseph would become the slave of a very powerful man in Egypt by the name of Potiphar.  He would be charged with managing Potiphar’s home.  From that experience Joseph began to develop and hone those key skills.  Due to his being falsely accused and thrown in a prison he would find grace in the eyes of the jailer and spend years managing the entire prison.  During this time his leadership skills would grow even stronger.

God used Joseph's time in the pit and his time in the prison to prepare him and to teach him the important skills needed to manage and entire country.  God always has a purpose for our pain.  There are always lessons to be learned during adversity, especially in the pit of betrayal.

I can honestly tell you that I have never felt more pain than when I was in the pit of betrayal.  At the same time, I can also tell you that the greatest lessons I have ever learned in my life I learned while in that very pit.  Being in the pit and being in the prison resulted in my becoming a better person and a better pastor.  God had a plan.  He did for Joseph!  He did for me!  He does for you!

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