Friday, June 22, 2012

A Service with ICING on Top!

Last Sunday was absolutely one of the most inspiring and moving church services I have ever been part of with dozens of men publicly making a resolution to live their lives as spiritual men of courage.  This Sunday will again be special at Gaylord E-Free as we continue our Unsung Men of Courage series by looking at the Old Testament story of Obed-edom.  Here are some aspects that will be involved in this Sunday's service:

-Samantha Dunn will be leading worship in the Contemporary service while I will be leading the worship through singing in the Classic service.

-The Book children will be doing special music in the Classic service.

-We will be showing another “Unsung Man of Courage” video highlighting a man from E-Free in both services.  This week we are highlighting Emil Frank.

-The sermon this Sunday will include a personal interview with Obed-edom himself.  In fact, Obed-edom will also be making a personal appearance in the Classic service.


Look at this coming Sunday morning at E-Free like a dessert.  Everything I just mentioned above is the cake.  But this Sunday we are going to add some icing to that cake as at the end of the message as I will be making a big announcement regarding the future of our church that you will want to hear.

If you have to miss a Sunday in June, whatever you do, don’t miss this Sunday at E-Free.  If you just can't be there, look for information about this announcement on Facebook and here on my blog!

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