Thursday, June 07, 2012

Going into Enemy Territory

Today I go into enemy territory!!!

As an Ohio State fan and a Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Brown's fan, living in Michigan can be, well let's say, "interesting" at times.  But never more interesting than it will be today.  Today I load up the church bus with over 40 other people from northern Michigan to make the trek to Detroit for this afternoon's Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers baseball game at Comerica Park.

On one hand, I will have something very important in similar with this group I will be travelling with that will make the trip down to Detroit a true delight.  We are all followers of Jesus from the Gaylord E-Free Church.

But on the other hand, outside of my own family that will be attending as well, I will have something diametrically opposed to every one else on the trip that will make the trip back a little less delightful for someone.  They are all Tiger's fans!

So I will be wearing my Cleveland Indians jersey and ball cap and I will be rooting my heart out for the Tribe this afternoon (I'm usually pretty loud at a baseball game)!  If my team wins, it is going to be a wonderful 4-hour trip back north to Gaylord - kind of like heaven on earth!  But God forbid, if we come up short, it just might be the longest 4 hours of my life that may juts cause me to rethink If I just might actually believe in the doctrine of purgatory.

So today I go into enemy territory - boldly going where no man has gone before (OK, that's a bit much!).





Then again, as inconsistent as both teams are playing, it won't surprise me if they end up playing to a 28-inning draw!

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