Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Here is a checklist I really need you to do:

-Item #1 - Mark July 15 on your calendar and save that date!

-Item #2 - If you already have plans to be out of town that day, you may want to seriously consider changing your plans!

-Item # 3 - Make a list of every family member, relative, co-worker, and neighbor that you have!

-Item # 4 - Make a list of everyone you know who has served in the past or is currently serving in the military, in law enforcement, as a fire-fighter or as any other type of first responder.

Here is why!  On Sunday, July 15 Gaylord E-Free will be ending their 6-week Courageous emphasis with a Heroes Day celebration.  On this Sunday we will be moving our morning service down to the Fairgrounds for one big combined outdoor service with a 10am start time.  The service will include the following:

A Color Guard with our National Anthem!

Some great worship and patriotic music!

A repeat performance of the song "A Few Good Men" by the same 8 men who sang it on Resolution Sunday!

Honoring all who have ever served or are currently serving in any branch of our Armed Forces!

Honoring all who have served or are currently serving as law enforcement officers, fire-fighters, or any other type of first responder!

A moving monologue regarding the Pledge of Allegiance

A short message from the Bible!

A free cook-out at the fairgrounds following the service!

This will be a family event so there will be no nursery or children’s programs and no Second Hour classes.  We want you to invite everyone you know, especially those who have in the past or are currently part of the military, law enforcement, fire-fighters or other first responders.  In fact, if you have or are serving in any of the above mentioned areas, please feel free to wear your uniform!  You don’t need to bring anything with you except all of your friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors (and maybe your lawn chairs if you wish)!

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