Friday, June 15, 2012

Resolution Weekend

This weekend is Father’s Day.  Let’s be honest.  Father’s Day just doesn’t seem to get as much press as Mother’s Day does.  Pastor Jim (former Lead Pastor here at Gaylord E-Free) jokingly told me that Father’s Day simply marks the day that all the bills from Mother’s Day get paid off.  Although the phone company does acknowledge that there are actually more phone calls on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day – they just all happen to be “collect” calls.

But this weekend at E-Free will be a Father’s Day to remember.  It is “Resolution Weekend.”  On Saturday we will be showing the wonderful movie, “Courageous.”  We showed this movie back on New Year’s Eve and over 600 people came out to watch it.  This is a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat.  This movie will make you cry, laugh, and think.

If you have never seen this movie, you must see it this Saturday!  If you have already seen it, then you need to see it again this Saturday!  And by all means, you need to invite everyone you know to come and see it as well here at E-Free this Saturday.  We will be showing the movie twice on Saturday (2pm & 6pm).  Both showings will be in the Gospel Center with free admission and will include free popcorn and cotton candy.

Then, on Sunday, dozens of men in our church will be publicly making the same resolution together in our Sunday morning worship service here at Gaylord E-Free as is seen in the movie, “Courageous.”  These are men who have carefully considered and prayed about it and have signed up in advance.  If you as a man would like to be part of this Resolution Ceremony on Sunday, we welcome your participation.  You can sign the resolution at one of the two showings of the “Courageous” movie this Saturday here at E-Free and then be part of the public ceremony on Father's Day.

This weekend is Father’s Day.  Here at E-Free it will most definitely be a weekend to remember!

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