Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adding an Additional Worship Service - The Logistics

In each of my blog postings this week I am giving information about the announcement we made this past Sunday here at Gaylord E-Free to add an additional Contemporary Service on Sunday beginning September 9 to the Classic and Contemporary services that we already have.  Today let me share some of the logistics as to how this will be implemented.

Flip-Flop Method

Instead of doing the traditional “bookend” method of multiple services where you have an early service followed by your Sunday School hour and then a late worship service, we will be using a flip-flop method of services.  This is different than the way two services were conducted previously here at E-Free.  Below is how it would work

9:00am-10:10am – First Contemporary Worship Service
10:10am-10:30am – Break
10:30am-11:40am – Second Contemporary Worship Service

Classic Service

The Classic Service will continue to meet during the first worship service beginning at 9:00am in the Chapel.  Until such time as we are able to finish the project that will allow us to broadcast the sermon to the Chapel, those attending the Classic Service in the Chapel will continue to walk down to the Gospel Center in time for the message and the conclusion of the Contemporary Service.

Adult Classes

Instead of all of our Adult Classes happening during the same hour, we will be splitting the Adult Classes into two groups.  Some of our adult classes will meet during the 9:00am service (those attending these classes will then attend the 10:30am worship service) and the remainder of our adult classes will meet during the 10:30am service (participants in these classes will have already attended the 9:00am worship service).  This allows us to double our classroom space by being able to use each room twice on Sunday morning.

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry will remain very similar in format – Kid’s Sunday School taking place during one hour and Kid’s Church taking place during the other hour.  In other words, during the 9:00am service there will be our Kid’s Sunday School program.  During the 10:30am service there will be our Kid’s Church programs.  As is the case now, our full nursery will also be taking place during both services.  The big difference is that the children will no longer start in the Gospel Center and be dismissed from there.  Beginning September 9, the children will begin each hour in our children’s program.  By being able to use all of our rooms twice, we will now be able to offer our Children’s Ministry locations in our facility that are more conducive to kid’s ministry and which are located in the same wing of our facility.


Even though we are dividing our Second Hour adult classes into two sections, we will be sure that all of the 5th through 12th grade classes are being held at the same time.  This will allow families to be able to worship together and still attend one of our classes.

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