Saturday, June 09, 2012

ONESIMUS and BILL ELY - Unsung Men of Courage!

Tomorrow (Sunday morning) starts a 6-week Courageous Event at Gaylord E-Free Church here in Gaylord, Michigan.  As part of this 6-week emphasis we will be studying some of the "Unsung Men of Courage" in the Bible.  This involves men that many believers have never heard of and those who have probably do not know much about their story.  We start this Sunday by looking at the story of ONESIMUS.  

We will also be highlighting one of our own "Unsung Men of Courage" here at E-Free.  This Sunday we will learn a little more about our very own BILL ELY (pictured above) who serves as our head custodian.  

The service will also include four people going public with their faith through water baptism.  It is going to be a great morning at Gaylord E-Free beginning at 9:30am this Sunday morning!   

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