Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over-Communicating? Guilty as Charged!

Hi! My name is Scott and I am addicted to communication!

It's true! If the first step is "admitting" then I am taking that step right now. I tend to be the person who over-communicates when it comes to ministry. For example:

Every day I write a new blog entry, usually dealing with something that is ministry related.

Every Tuesday I write a "Sunday Update" that is sent out to all of our ministry leaders and anyone who has any part in our Sunday service. I use this to be sure that everyone knows exactly what is scheduled to happen as part of our upcoming Sunday worship services.

Every Wednesday I send out a "Life Group Leader's Update" to the leaders of our small groups giving them the discussion questions to use in groups that relate to the upcoming Sunday's message.

Every Thursday I send out a "Staff Update" to all of our staff so they are "in the loop" on everything pertaining to the upcoming weekend and the work week ahead that relates to them.

Every Thursday I also send out an "Elder Update" to our Elder Board and Church Chairman. This is done to keep these leaders in our church up to date on all that is happening as well as to make myself accountable to them for my schedule that week as the Lead Pastor.

Every week I also write an article for our Church E-Newsletter that is sent out every Friday. This article usually centers around the theme of the upcoming Sunday morning.

Once a month I send a "Ministry Team Update" to all who are part of any of our Ministry Teams in order to be sure that there is communication about the month ahead that allows are teams to work in synergy together.

And daily I write posts on my personal Facebook page as well as our church Facebook page.

Why do I do all of this communication? I told you, it's because I'm addicted to communicating. OK - maybe I am not quite to that extreme (yet). The truth is that I value communication. I want our staff, elders, ministry leaders, and church family to know what is going on so that they can pray effectively and participate fully. In most of these communications I also include a link to a written article or video that will help to develop them as leaders in our ministry.

So, yes, if the charge is over-communication then I am guilty as charged.

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