Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Backbone of our Church

Monday night the Leadership Team and Elders here at Gaylord E-Free Church met with all the leaders of our Ministry Teams. These teams include:

ACTS Team (overseeing connections and first impressions)

Adult CCE (overseeing Bible studies and second hour classes)

Bus Team (overseeing the maintenance and drivers of our 3 buses)

CMAT Team (overseeing counseling and one another ministries)

Deacon Team (overseeing serving and meeting people's needs)

Deaconess team (overseeing serving and meeting people's needs)

Human Resource Team (overseeing the volunteers serving on our ministry teams)

Media and Marketing Team (overseeing consistency in all of our media and marketing)

Outreach Team (overseeing mobilizing our church to reach our community and our world)

Small Groups Team (overseeing our Life Groups)

Stewardship Team (overseeing the finances of our ministry)

Trustee Team (overseeing the maintenance of our facility and property)

Worship Arts Team (overseeing all aspects of our worship and worship services)

Children's Christian Education Team (overseeing all of our children's ministries)

Y2 Team (overseeing our ministry to youth and young adults)

Along with these Ministry Teams we also had at this meeting Monday night leaders from our annual Men's Conference; our Annual Women's Conference; our Building Improvement Committee; and our Vision Task Force. There was a total of 31 people around the table. Of those 31 people, only 2 of us were paid staff! The rest were all volunteers who are totally committed to Jesus Christ and to the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church!

To see their faces and listen as each of them as they shared an update from their areas of ministry was so very energizing to me as the Lead Pastor of our ministry. These wonderful men and women, and the many who serve on their teams and work under their areas of ministry, are without doubt the backbone of our church!

Last night was a visual and verbal reminder to me of the greatest strength of our church - we are blessed with so very many talented and committed people who are willing to sacrifice their time, talent and treasure to see our church effectively meeting as many people as possible right where they are at and helping to move them to where God wants them to be!

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Walter Moore said...

I LOVE THIS CHURCH!!! So happy to be apart of it!