Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter: Just Invite

Yesterday we introduced what Easter will look like here at Gaylord E-Free! If you are a part of our church, what is the best way that you can prepare for Easter which is juts three weeks from this Sunday?

1. PRAY! Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer. Pray that God would give us 1500 in attendance; pray for all who will be involved on stage as well as our techs and first impressions teams; pray that all of the technology would work without a hitch; pray for good weather; pray for people who are being invited to attend; pray for lost people to come to know Christ; pray for people who have wandered from God to return to the Lord.

2. SERVE! Because we are having two services on Easter the needs for Nursery and Children’s Workers will double. The good news is that with two services, you can serve one service and attend the other. This way no one has to miss the Easter celebration in the Gospel Center. To volunteer to serve in the nursery or children’s program on Easter please contact the church office.

3. INVITE! Studies show that the #1 reason that people come to church is because someone they know personally invites them. The only way we are going to see 1500 people attend on Easter is if each of us takes seriously our need to invite others to join us here at E-Free. I want to encourage each person in our church to think of at least three people that you personally know that you could invite to Easter. Think through this list:

· What family member could you invite?

· What neighbor could you invite?

· What co-worker could you invite?

· What classmate could you invite?

· What friend could you invite?

· What acquaintance could you invite?

· What person at a local business where you eat or shop could you invite?

If you are part of Gaylord E-Free, you will soon be receiving a letter in the mail regarding Easter which will include two “Eye Chart” style personal invite cards for you to use to invite others you know to one of our Easter services. Please use them! We will have extras that are also available in the church office and in the Connection Area outside the Gospel Center. Don’t say someone’s “no” for them. You just may be surprised which person you invite that actually shows up on Easter morning. It could just change their eternity!

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