Thursday, March 08, 2012

E-Free Notes for the Weekend

Another exciting weekend is coming up for the Gaylord E-Free Church. As we move into this second weekend of March, here is what you should know:

It is not too late to decide to be part of the Marriage Event this weekend with Steve and Annie Chapman that will be held in the Gospel Center Friday night and Saturday morning. There is plenty of room for walk-in registrations so check out the church website for all the information!

Saturday morning the Creative Ideas Group will meet bright and early to finish planning for the "Word War Won" message series through 2 Timothy 3:15-17 that will follow Easter and to begin brainstorming the "Lean On Me" message series on the life of Barnabas that will take place following Mother's Day.

It's time change weekend! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday night so you aren't late for church on Sunday!

Sunday morning we will continue Vision Month as we talk about becoming an M&M Church as we seek to MEET as many people as possible right where they are at and help MOVE them to where God wants them to be. Last Sunday from the encounter Jesus had with the Samaritan Woman at the Well we saw how Jesus met this woman right where she was at geographically, spiritually and culturally. This Sunday we will continue in this story and see how Jesus then moved this woman to where He wanted her to be.

Our church is partnering with another church in Nicaragua to help care for very poor orphans and teach them about Jesus. Many of these orphans are so poor that they do not even have shoes. As we introduce this ministry Sunday, look for a gift from one of our own barefoot children as you enter the service. Then, in the service prepare to watch a video showing these precious orphans and showing you how you can be part of an upcoming mission trip to meet these children right where they are.

This Sunday we will kick-off our push to encourage everyone at E-Free to invite people they know to our Easter celebration on April 8. Look for a video in the service this Sunday with a very surprise ending to help point you in this direction.

And when the weekend is over and Monday morning rolls around, we are exited to welcome Jill Laurence to our team as our new Assistant Office Manager. Jill and her husband, Frank, attend E-Free and we are looking forward to the exciting role she will play on our church staff.


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