Friday, February 03, 2012

Wishing I was in Virginia!

I love living in northern Michigan. But today, I would much rather be in Virginia. Why? Because today is my lovely daughter's birthday! Joy is a senior this year at Liberty University where she is currently doing her student teaching and looking forward to graduating in May. I wish I could be there today to give her a hug and take her out to her favorite restaurant, 'Olive Garden.'

But for now, all I can do is think about being with her as I look at the picture of her and me that she gave me in a frame that says, "Daddy, I will always be your little girl!" A few days ago, Joy put the following post on my Facebook page. Here is what it said:

"Just watched the end of the 1950's version of the 'Father of the Bride.' It ended with a quote...'A son is a son until he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter all of her life.' Love you daddy!"

So today, if I could be anywhere, it would be in Virginia. But since I cannot be there, all I can say is, "Happy Birthday, Joy! I love you and am very, very proud of the beautiful, godly woman you have become!"


Nicole Bradstreet said...

She truly is an amazing and loving young woman of God! Happy Birthday Joy!!

Kati Young said...

Happy Birthday Joy from the Youngs. We love you all and miss you!

Kati Young said...

Happy Birthday to Joy from the Youngs. We love you all!

Michele Minier said...

Happy Day, eh? from the Minier family