Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Bonus Day!

Today is that one day that we only see every 4 years. Most people call it "Leap Day!" I like to call it "BONUS DAY!" Most years we get 365 days and each of them are a gift from God. That is why Scripture teaches us to "redeem the time!" But today is a BONUS DAY - February 29.

So let me encourage you to make this day count in a way that can impact eternity. Here are some ideas. Choose one of them (or come up with your own) but don't let this BONUS DAY pass you by without making it count spiritually:

Spend an extra hour in prayer!

Read the entire Gospel of John!

Memorize Matthew 5:13-16!

Fast today!

Share your testimony with a lost person!

Reach out in a practical way to a person you know who is hurting!

Spend 30 minutes somewhere quiet singing praises to God!

My prayer for you is that somehow, some way, when your head hits its pillow tonight you will know that today was a day that had an eternal impact!


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