Tuesday, February 21, 2012

M&M: A Purpose That Melts In Your Mouth!

On one hand, I am very bummed that our Noah series is over here at Gaylord E-Free! What a great 7-weeks it was and we are still praising the Lord for the work we saw Him do last Sunday with so many people coming forward and walking through the door of the ark making a decision for Christ.

But on the other hand, I could not be more excited about the new series we will start this Sunday. The month of March will actually be our VISION month as we look to get everyone in our church excited about and on the same page when it comes to our purpose as a church which is to “MEET as many people as possible right where they are at and help MOVE them to where God wants them to be!” So our series is entitled “MEETING & MOVING!” In order to get people to connect with and remember those two words, we are centering the theme of the series on “M&M’s” (standing for MEETING & MOVING). That is why we have subtitled this series, “A Purpose That Melts in Your Mouth!”

As a result, look for M&M items all over through this series. Look for blow-up and stand-up M&M displays. Look for those on stage to be wearing different colored M&M T-Shirts. Even look for individuals in M&M costumes to be outside by the road so that people start connecting with “M&M” from the moment that they pull into the church driveway (while making people passing by wonder, “What in the world is going on at that church?” This is good! It produces curiosity about our church. As we will see in this series, Jesus used curiosity when MEETING & MOVING the Samaritan Woman at the Well).

Along with all of that, as you enter the Gospel Center Sunday the ARK will be gone, but a 40-ft long TRAIN will be on stage in its place. The train will have a passenger car. Why? Because we want to visualize the need to MEET people at whatever “RAILROAD STATION” they are at (we will use this series to identify 6 stations) and then get them “on board” to MOVE them to the next station in their spiritual journey.

We will also be looking through the month of March to work in synergy with our Outreach Team to promote all of our missionaries and global partnerships in which we are MEETING & MOVING people literally all over the world. We will use this series to look toward an upcoming Saturday outreach day in which we as a church body will go out and MEET & MOVE people right here in our own community. There will also be an emphasis all through the series on MEETING & MOVING people by encouraging everyone in our church to be inviting people to Easter here at E-Free in which we will be having two identical morning services with a prayer goal of 1500 people in attendance.

So treat yourself to a bag of M&M's in preparation for this Sunday as we begin our new M&M series! In my posting tomorrow I will break down the next 6 weeks and show you where we will be going each week of this new and very important series for our church!

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