Saturday, February 04, 2012

What Survived the Flood?

We know from our study in Genesis 5-9 that eight humans survived the ark:

· Noah

· Mrs. Noah

· Shem

· Mrs. Shem

· Ham

· Mrs. Ham

· Japheth

· Mrs. Japheth

We also know that all the birds, animals and every other thing that creeps on the earth and has life survived the flood and got off the ark back on to dry ground. Obviously at least some of the fish world survived the flood without even needing to be on the ark. We know that some plant life survived the flood seen by the freshly picked olive leaf that the dove brought back to Noah in the ark. But this Sunday we are going to learn that there were two other things that survived the flood. This is a part of the story of Noah that you may not be real familiar with and may surprise you. In fact, you may want to read ahead in Genesis 9 to see if you can identify these two additional surviving elements.

Because this is the first Sunday of the month, there will be no Classic service. We will all meet together in the Contemporary service in the Gospel Center for our service which will include celebrating communion. See you Sunday!

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