Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome Winter...I'm Serious!

Yesterday at staff lunch one of the guys mentioned that summer weather days are now gone which means that my first winter as a resident of Gaylord, Michigan is just about upon me. I may not be saying the same thing this time next year but as of right now, I am looking forward to the first real snowfall of winter.

When we lived in in northwest Indiana we would average around 80 inches of snow each year (about half of what I am told Gaylord averages). But over the last 6 years living in southcentral Pennsylvania we were lucky to see 20 inches of snow most winters. To be honest, we really missed the snow. I love having a white Christmas and I love watching it snow. And again, I may not be saying the same thing at this time next year after living through my first winter in northern Michigan, but as of now I am looking forward to spending the next 5 months (give or take) living in a winter wonderland.

Above are some picture of my family when we visited Gaylord last December. Just looking at these pics gets me excited for winter.


Carrie said...

I think you guys might want to get some thicker coats, hats, mitts, and tall boots. Just sayin'. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the cold weather had gotten to your brain. Don't mind the cold don't like the darkness of winter. Enjoy and keep us posted on first snowfall. Glad you guys are happy!!! Pat G.