Thursday, October 06, 2011

Top 10 Things My Staff Want Me To Know As Their Lead Pastor!

Yesterday I shared in my blog posting the top ten things I as the Lead Pastor want my staff here at the Gaylord E-Free Church. I then left the room and gave them 40 minutes as a team to come up with their top ten things they as a staff want me to know as their Lead Pastor. Here is their list to me:

Prayer - We are committed to pray for you regularly and ask that you let us know specifically how.

Teamwork - We have things to contribute because of our past experience and knowledge. It's not only about you as a lead pastor, it's about us as a pastoral team.

Encouragement/Vision/Direction - Help us stay energized by focusing on the future. Keep reminding us about our strengths and what we do well/best.

Change Issues - We need your support when we are proposing change. Talk to us before proposing changes in our ministry to others.

Office work - We know that a good portion of work is done outside the office. You don't have to be at everything we plan or promote. You bless us tremendously with the creative ways you lead staff meetings and prayer times.

Three Legged Stool: Representing us to the Elders and Leadership Team - We expect you to look out for our best interest and represent us on the Elder Board and Leadership Team level. We function best when you are the glue in communication, team building and mutuality.

Mutual Accountability - Hold us personally accountable for our lives and ministry practices. You can tell us the truth, even when it hurts. Lead by example.

Job Performance - We don't expect you to be perfect. Please don't expect perfection from us all the time. It's okay to fail, learn and move on.

Relational - Know how to interact with staff members, their ministries, people's likes, and dislikes.

Support/Shepherding - We have your back. We desire that you would pastor and shepherd us and it gives security and love when you do (and brunch at your house at least once a month)

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