Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Goodyear Heights to Heaven

I was surfing the web via Facebook over the weekend and found some pictures of my old stomping grounds. They sure brought back a flood of memories. I grew up in a neighborhood on the east side of Akron, Ohio called Goodyear Heights. Above are some pics that will mean absolutely nothing to you but which sent me on a serious trip down nostalgia lane.

LINDA THEATER - This was the movie theater in Goodyear Heights where I watched many a movies.

ISALY'S - This was a great ice cream stop in Goodyear Heights.

WATER TOWER - This is the water tower at Reservoir Park in Goodyear Heights. I played a lot of Little League Baseball games on the ball field in front of it in the picture.

SEIBERLING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - This is where I went to school for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Not long ago, the school was torn down. How sad.

It seems like just yesterday that my friends and I were racing bikes and playing ball in Goodyear Heights. I guess it doesn't matter where you grew up, that place will always be special. Since then I have lived in Lynchburg, Virginia; Williamsport, Maryland; West Milton, Ohio; Potsdam, Ohio; Mishawaka, Indiana; Elkhart, Indiana; Lititz, Pennsylvania; and now the wonderful town of Gaylord, Michigan.

But the best is yet to come as some day I will live for eternity in heaven because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. I guess the old song is true, "This world is not my home, I'm only passing through!"

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Todd Heil said...

? Pastor Scott?
I was looking for pictures of Goodyear Heights recently and found your pictures and comments. When I have more time, I will return to your blog and try to catch up more.
In the mean time, I'm wondering if we were in the running the Resevoir/Seiberling/Goodyear Heights, at the same time.
I don't recall your last name. I grew up on Goodyear Blvd, between Onandago and Indianola; attended Seiberling and Annunciation, before moving out to Springfield Township.
Now, living in Baton Rouge, LA.

Did you play baseball or football at the park?
If you get this message, maybe we can catch up at another time.
p.s. The owl, atop Seiberling, is one of my favorite symbols of GY Heights.
Todd Heil