Thursday, October 27, 2011


Here at the Gaylord E-Free Church we have over 20 Ministry Teams that really are the backbone of our ministry. Each of these teams reports to a Leadership Team made up of lay people in our church of men and women who are genuinely committed to seeing our church reach its redemptive potential. Last Monday night all of the leaders of these Ministry Teams met together with our Leadership Team and each took several minutes to share answers to the following 3 questions:

What is the most exciting thing going on in your area of ministry?

What about your area of ministry would it be good for all of us to know?

What is the greatest challenge your team is facing?

It was so very exciting and encouraging to hear these leaders share with great enthusiasm what God was doing in and through their area of ministry. This exercise was a first step in taking us forward in seeing more communication and teamwork occur among our Ministry Teams. You see, with 20+ Ministry Teams, each zealously doing their own thing, it would be easy and natural for us to become 20+ SILOS who are only focused on our own individual areas of ministry. But for us to really excel as a ministry we can't have a SILO mentality. We aren't 20+ individual Ministry Teams - we are 1 Church!

It is our goal and prayer as a Leadership Team to see our Ministry Teams continue to stoke the fire of SYNERGY through communication and teamwork with each other. The more we develop SYNERGY among our Ministry Teams, the more effective ministry we will see taking place. Instead of being 20+ Ministry Teams each going our own separate ways, we need to be 1 church all going the same direction. So as you pray for our church and our Ministry Teams, pray that we will not settle for the norm. Pray that instead of building SILOS, our Ministry Teams will continue to build SYNERGY!

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Glen said...

Once again, another great thought... I wish I would had been there.