Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Church Time...Sleep Tight!

I laughed this morning when here at the church I went to make myself a cup of hot tea and saw that one of the tea options people can chose on Sundays here at Gaylord E-Free is the "Sweet Dreams" tea bag - you know, the one that relaxes you and helps you to sleep better! I couldn't help but laugh at the apparent irony I saw in that.

Seriously, I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing my family to a church here in Northern Michigan in which Sunday mornings are a highlight and not simply an afterthought.

I love coming into the church each Sunday morning and, whether it is outside of the chapel where the traditional service takes place or outside of the Gospel Center where the contemporary service occurs, there is an obvious sense of excitement and anticipation.

I love being part of the service and watching the joy on the musicians' faces and hear the people filling our auditorium entering into worship with genuine enthusiasm and praise to our great God.

I love to preach here at Gaylord E-Free. This is such an amazing congregation to preach to because you can sense and see their desire for the Word.

I love to stand in the foyer after the service each Sunday and hear the "buzz" in the air and watch the people as they share, laugh and connect.

I love to talk to our guests and the new people God is bringing to our church and to hear them verbalize their excitement about their experience worshipping with us.

I wake up every morning and the first question that comes to my mind is, "Is it Sunday yet?" And as I look ahead at what our Worship Design Group and Creative Ideas Group are working on for the rest of the calendar year, my excitement becomes even harder to contain. In my blog posting for tomorrow I will share just a glimpse of what is coming to E-Free on Sundays in November and December.

But for now, I'm having trouble sleeping so I am going to go make myself another cup of tea! Good-night! Sleep tight!

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Anonymous said...

I love our church too! Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and your leadership in our church. :)