Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Weatherman You Can Trust

Don't miss this Sunday here at E-Free in Gaylord as we continue our message series called, "Summer by the Lake." This is a 5-week series in which we are looking at the main events that took place in the life of Jesus on or by the Sea of Galilee. Last week we saw the miraculous catch of fish which resulted in Jesus calling 4 of His disciples to follow Him.

This week we see a second event on the Sea of Galilee as Jesus calms a ferocious storm with just His spoken command. We have entitled this Sunday's message, "A Weatherman You Can Trust!" We will learn this Sunday several principles from this story regarding storms in our lives. These principles will include:

Jesus knows about the storms we will be facing before they occur!

Jesus uses storms in our lives to solidify our faith!

Jesus goes with us through our storms!

Jesus has ultimate power over our storms!

Be sure not to miss Sunday as we discover that there is no need to be afraid when we go through life's storms. We truly can praise Jesus during the storms of our lives. Invite someone to come to church with you this Sunday - especially someone you know who is going through a storm. If you can't be here, then be sure to listen to the audio recording of the sermon that will be put on our church website shortly after Sunday's service is done. The church website is:

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