Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Sermon Put ME To Sleep!

This Sunday as part of our "Summer by the Lake" message series here at E-Free, we will be looking at the event in the life of Jesus where He calms the storm on the Sea of Galilee. OK - I am a bit worried about how this sermon is going to go over come Sunday. Here's why. I preached from this text over a decade ago when I pastored in Indiana. I have always kept an audio recording of all the messages I have ever preached in a personal library. So, to familiarize myself with the text, I dug out the cassette tape from that message that I preached over a decade ago, put it in the stereo in my office, opened my Bible, and started to listen.

Guess what? I never heard the end of the message! The tape worked fine. The problem is that sitting there at my desk listening, I fell asleep. I'm serious. When I woke up the tape had ended and I had the worst crick in my neck. How bad is it when I fell asleep while listening to a tape of myself preaching the same message I am going to be giving this week here at E-Free? So...don't expect much from the message this Sunday!

Though that really happened, the truth is that I am very excited about this Sunday's service here at E-Free. I love the story we are going to be studying. It's all about storms in our lives. Folks, listen, we are all in one of two camps. We are either right now going through a storm in our life or we have a storm coming on the horizon. So to give you a head start on Sunday (and to help ensure that you don't fall asleep listening like I did), why don't you read Mark 4:35-41 and think through the following questions:

Who initiated the disciples and Jesus going out on the boat? What was the reason? What does this teach you about Jesus and storms that come into your life today?

How do you see in this story the fact that Jesus was 100% man and 100% God all at the same time?

What was the disciples first reaction to Jesus during their storm? Why did they react that way? Have you ever found yourself reacting similarly in a storm of your life? Why did you react this way?

The word "afraid" in verse 40 is a different Greek word than the word "afraid" in verse 41. How are the meanings of these words different? What was the cause of each of them?

From this story what do you learn that will help you to not be afraid during your storms?


Anonymous said...

Better be careful Pastor Scott......where I work we fire people for falling asleep on the job. :)

Pastor Scott said...

Trust me, Anonymous, I am not a "take a nap" type of a person. But I most definitely zonked out during my listening to myself preach! Mercy!

Anonymous said...

You know, you can get a marijuana card to help fix that chronic neck pain you end up having everyweek listening to old sermons. Just kidding!

Larry Crull said...

I have a few of your old tapes from Osceola that I like to listen to from time to time. Good stuff my friend! I hope all is going good for you and the ministry that God has given to you!

Pastor Scott said...

Stay awake. Larry! Stay awake! Love ya, bro!