Friday, June 03, 2011

A Dirty Gift That Took My Breath Away!

Sometimes you receive a gift that takes your breath away. That happened to me this week. If you read "Folks Listen" regularly then you know that I am an Ohio State Buckeye fan - NOW, DON'T QUIT READING!!!! I have made the commitment not to use my blog any longer to advocate my allegiance to the scarlet and grey. From now on, I will use restraint and wisdom when it comes to mentioning college football. But I received a related gift this week that I must tell you about.

A man from our church came into my office this past Wednesday. His brother is in the military and is stationed in Afghanistan. He and his military room mate are on opposite sides of the college football divide - one is a University of Michigan fan while the other is an Ohio State University fan. As a result, they have flown a "House Divided" flag outside of their quarters in Afghanistan. One side is the flag of the University of Michigan while the other is the Ohio State University flag. His brother wanted me to have the flag. What is so cool is that the flag on both sides is covered with dirt and sand from the Afghanistan desert region.

To say I was greatly humbled to receive this gift is an understatement. The flag is a great reminder to me that though there are passions in life we all have - like following our favorite college football team - it must always be kept in perspective. Football is just a game - even when it is between Michigan and Ohio State. But there are other things in life - like men and women who put their life on the line every day around the world for our freedom - that are the much greater priority. As is the souls of men, women, boys and girls who desperately need Jesus.

So if you are reading this blog from Afghanistan! Thanks so much for the flag! It means a great deal to me. But more than that, thank you for your brave service to me, my family and our country. This flag will serve as a constant reminder to me to pray for you and all who service in our military.


Anonymous said...

AMEN Pastor Scott! We love you anyway! And we especially love our devoted Men and Women in Uniform and their families!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Anonymous!!