Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potato Canons and Porcupines

Last Friday night we hosted the College and Career Group from E-Free church over to our house for the evening. Few things can make you laugh more than spending an evening with a bunch of folks in this stage of life. Here were the highlights:

There was volleyball and yard golf!

There was plenty of food as we grilled out steak-burgers and hot-dogs, and added pasta salad and assorted varieties of pop to the mix!

The majority of the night was spent talking and laughing around the camp-fire, complete with "Smores" and coffee.

A couple of the guys brought a "Potato Canon" they had made. What a hoot it was to launch potatoes like they were surface to air missiles!!

Then there was an additional guest. One of the guys said "good-bye" and was headed back to his car in the night when he came face-to-face with a HUGE porcupine. I mean this thing was HUGE! I don't know how big porcupines get in the wild but I will say it yet again - this thing was HUGE! This led to the greatest excitement of the night as we all tried to get as close to this HUGE porcupine as we were comfortable getting.

One of the guys (the same guy who made the potato canon incidentally) followed the porcupine into the woods. He was trying to make friends with the porcupine by talking its language. You know, if you were trying to make friends with a cat, you would keep repeating the word, "meow." If you were trying to make friends with a horse, you would continually "whinnie." The problem is that none of us had any idea what sound a porcupine makes (that was never part of the "Old McDonald Had a Farm" song). So, cleverly, this young man followed this HUGE porcupine into the woods, and as he did, he just kept repeating out loud the words, "porcupine noises...porcupine noises!"

Like I said, few things can make you laugh more than spending an evening with a bunch of folks in that stage of life.


Freemans said...

Scoot - for future reference...


has the sound of a porcupine.

More important is the sound when a Wolverine is attacked by a Buckeye!

We hope you are enjoying Summer in Michigan!


Freemans said...


This is what a porcupine souns like
The other link I sent did not work.

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Freeman Family. What a great thing to hear from you all. Thanks for the link. You're right...it does sound an awful lot like a Wolverine being attacked by a Buckeye. Sure do miss you guys! Blessings!