Thursday, September 24, 2009


We have done a lot of work and are very proud of our live stream here at Grace Church. Each Sunday, our 10am service is streamed lived on the web ( We have been amazed at how God is using it and you will be amazed at the quality of it. Below is what one of our church members wrote after watching the live stream for the first time last Sunday. Please note that in his e-mail WAM stands for Worship Arts Ministry

Pastors & WAM Members (Instead of WAM it should be WOW!)

Sunday was the first time I ever watched church via the net, while I was home taking care of my 84 yr. old mom. WOW is what I kept thinking as I watched the church I am blessed to be a part of.

David you did a wonderful job for your 1st service. The drums & the playing sounded crisp and rich; the vocals beautiful and in harmony as are the singers; the music beautiful, blended, & in-time; the lighting and web cast beautiful and easy on the eyes – (i.e., to follow what was being presented); and the message was, as usual, OK…..just kidding…Wonderful!! Scott, the depth and down-to-earth style of your preaching is what attracted and has kept me at Grace.

WOW – I am honored to be a part of such talented people in such a straight-shooting, Bible based place. Thank each of you for letting me work with you.

We also received the following note not long ago about our live stream from a man who cannot attend right now due to chemo treatments:

Thank you for today's message from the Word. I am always encouraged by your ability to break down the Scriptures into bite sized portions that anyone can understand and incorporate into their lives. I am also encouraged by your live web cast. Although I am currently unable to attend the services because of illness; I can still actively participate in the service.

So, if you don’t attend Grace Church, we invite you to watch our live stream every Sunday at 10am Pennsylvania time. (

If you do attend Grace Church but are unable to be here some Sunday due to sickness or travel, then be sure to tune in to the 10 am live stream (

Be sure to tell everyone you know about our live stream. This is a way that we can meet people right where they are (literally, all over the world) and help move them to where God wants them to be.

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