Friday, September 11, 2009

9.11 in New York

It has been a good number of years since that horrible day when America came under attack in New York City and in Washington D.C. This year I am returning to New York on 9.11. To be honest, I am not going solely because it is 9.11. I’m actually going to the baseball game at New Yankee stadium. But as much as I love baseball, I am also excited because I have to believe that there will be some amazing pre-game ceremonies. This will be the first 9.11 remembrance since Barak Obama became president and the first 9.11 remembrance in New Yankee Stadium. So this should be an amazing evening.

But aside from it being 9.11, this will also be my 23rd major league stadium in which I have been able to watch a game. Here are the other 22 stadiums:

Cleveland Indians (old and current stadiums)

Detroit Tigers (old and current stadiums)

Chicago White Sox (current stadium)

Chicago Cubs (current stadium)

Cincinnati Reds (old stadium)

Baltimore Orioles (current stadium)

Philadelphia Phillies (old and current stadium)

Minnesota Twins (current stadium…soon to become their old stadium)

Boston Red Sox (current stadium)

Kansas City Royals (current stadium)

Atlanta Braves (current stadium)

Seattle Mariners (old stadium)

San Fran Cisco Giants (current stadium)

Los Angeles Dodgers (current stadium)

Toronto Blue Jays (old stadium)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays (current stadium)

Milwaukee Brewers (current stadium)

Colorado Rockies (current stadium)

Washington Nationals (current stadium)

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