Friday, September 04, 2009

Almost KICK-OFF Time

This weekend our new Touchdown Jesus message series begins here at Grace Church in Lititz. I can’t wait. I love football. I love church. I love preaching. The thought of putting all three together has me pumped and anticipating a great month.

During the coming month of September we will be studying together Jesus’ parable of the four soils. As we do, we will have everything taking place in a football setting. The following elements will be included:

TAILGATING: As you approach the main lobby doors each week prior to all three services you will see a group of people enjoying a tailgate party. After all, people go hours early to a football game to begin the celebration early. Why not do the same for church? Week one, the tailgating will be done by our Youth Department. Week two, the tailgaters will be from our Educational Ministries of Lititz Christian School and MorningStar Childcare and Academics. The final two weeks of tailgating will take place by our Connect Groups. But we also want to invite everyone to come early each Sunday, meet some friends, and have your own tailgate party out in the parking lot. I have already heard of several groups of people that are already making plans for some pre-service celebration.

RED ZONE: As you pass the guest relations center in the lobby on Sunday you will be entering the red zone which is the final 20 yards prior to the end zone. We have artificial turf ordered and lines ready to be painted along with the side yard markers. As you look at the wall above the doors to the auditorium you will see the goal posts coming out in 3D style. Even our ushers will be dressed in referee shirts.

FOOTBALL APPAREL: Everyone on stage will be sporting their favorite team’s shirts. So pull out your apparel for your favorite high school, college and NFL teams and wear them to church each Sunday. You Philadelphia fans can wear your Michael Vick jerseys. You Minnesota Viking fans can wear your Brett Favre jerseys. You Green Bay Packer fans can put on your cheeseheads.

FOOTBALL FOLLIES: Each week we will see different football oriented videos. Some will be more serious but others will also be more light-hearted including a collage of famous football follies including the infamous scene from the Brady Bunch when Marsha gets hit in the nose with the pigskin.

PRE-GAME SHOW: What’s a football game without the pre-game show by the pundits as they critique the coming performances? Well, come 5-minutes early to see the pre-game show taped from the sports desk giving you all the information you need of the players in that week’s service.

This is going to be a great series. You won’t want to miss one week beginning Labor Day weekend. Be sure to invite everyone you know to come to Grace for TD JESUS!


Clint said...

Pastor Scott I will be praying for the series that you're about to start! I always enjoy reading your emails and blogs! God is truly doing incredibly cool things through you brother! I have Kevin Roose's book that I bought based on your recommendation and am loving it!


Clint "Dawg" Johnson

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Clint. God bless you, brother!

Anonymous said...

What about people who absolutely hate football?

Todd said...

Isn't this a little like making a parable of a parable? It already is an object lesson. Does the Gospel need this, or any other kind of help? Why football? Not everyone likes football or sports.

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Todd. I would encourage you to go to our website and watch the message ( By the way, I talked to several Sunday who know nothing about football but really enjoyed and learned from the service. Thanks for reading and for your comment!