Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Highlights: Battle of the Bands - Happy Anniversary - Chick Flicks of the Bible

This will be a memorable weekend for me. Here's why:

Friday - I will be attending the Battle of the Bands from 6-9pm at the Manheim Brethren in Christ Church to watch my son's band perform. Jonathan's band's name is Eternal Mindset (pictured above). I love watching him play his guitar and sing. Jonathan wrote some of their songs. Should be a great night!

Saturday - It's our anniversary! Laura and I will be celebrating 22 years since May 23, 1987.

Sunday - I live for Sundays!!! And this Sunday here at Grace Church we will continue our Chick Flicks of the Bible series as we close out the story of Rahab. There just may be no greater story in the Bible showing how God met one woman right where she was and moved her to where He wanted her to be. Man, that would make a great purpose statement for a church!

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