Thursday, May 07, 2009

Add Boston to the List

I am an avid baseball fan. For my birthday the last 2 years my family has bought me the MLB Extra Innings package giving me up to 14 baseball games every night on TV! My dream is to spend one summer traveling and getting to watch a game at every major league stadium in the same season. Today I get to add the Boston Red Sox to the list below of teams I have been able to watch play in their own stadiums as I travel to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Indians. This will be my 22nd stadium. I have listed them below.

Toronto Blue Jays (old stadium)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays (current stadium)

New York Yankees (old stadium)

Baltimore Orioles (current stadium)

Minnesota Twins (current stadium)

Kansas City Royals (current stadium)

Detroit Tigers (old and current stadiums)

Chicago White Sox (current stadium)

Cleveland Indians (old and current stadiums)

Seattle Mariners (old stadium)

Atlanta Braves (current stadium)

Philadelphia Phillies (old and current stadiums)

Chicago Cubs (current stadium)

Milwaukee Brewers (current stadium)

Cincinnati Reds (old stadium)

Colorado Rockies (current stadium)

San Francisco Giants (current stadium)

Los Angeles Dodgers (current stadium)


Jeremy Hiler said...

In 2 weeks, I will add my 25th stadium (New Busch Stadium).

Cody Benjamin said...

Wow. You have a lot of personal experience at the ball parks! I have attended games at only one MLB park (Phillies current), but I have gone to the Eagles (NFL) current stadium 5 times. Have fun in Boston!

danny2 said...

because your list sparks me toward jealousy, i will simply point out:

ranger in first
indians in last

rangers 3-0 versus indians

(although, as you recently pointed out...pride comes before the fall...should have kept my mouth shut.)

Shawna said...

We should have gone to an Angels game when you were in CA last June visiting us!

Pastor Scott said...

Shawna - You're right! Why didn't we? I may never have that chance again.

Danny - You're right...for now! But talk to me in September!

Cody - I saw a preseason Eagles game once and I have been to NFL games at Cleveland and at Cincinnati. No more than that because I'm a little busy on Sundays.

Jeremy - Awesome! I'll add #20 when I go to New Yankee Stadium in September (9/11 to be exact)!

Jeff Troyer said...

So which stadium(s) is/are your favorite experiences? And if possible to separate the 2, base it on actual stadium experience and not team influence.. (for instance, I enjoyed Wrigley, even when the cubs would lose because it's just a magical place, but all the more when they won!! :)

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Jeff.

Wrigley and Fenway would definitely be the two best. There is nothing like the old stadiums in my opinion. If I had to piclk between the two, I'd give the edge to Wrigley (but barely).

Of the newer stadiums, Progressive Field in Cleveland is a gem. And I'm not juts saying that because I'm an Indiands fan.

I also really enjoyed Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City with the waterfalls and Coors Field out in Denver.