Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Childhood Friends

A few weeks back I got blown away with one of those “blasts from the past” as I got an e-mail from someone that was a very good friend of mine when I was a kid. Honestly, I have not seen or talked to this guy in over 25 years, though I have often thought about him and wondered how life was treating him today. It was so cool to get an e-mail from him. It caused me to think through some of the friends I have had in my life, most of whom I have lost contact with unfortunately. Friends like:

Kenny who lived on the next street over from me. I lived on Honodle Ave in Akron, Ohio and Kenny’s family lived on Chippewa Ave. Kenny and I shared the same passion for sports. We would spend all of our free time playing baseball, basketball or football. We also collected baseball cards and each had a spinner game that we made for our cards. We spent most of our summers sitting on Kenny’s front porch playing with our baseball cards and spinner games.

Mike lived right across the street from Kenny. When we were not in school it was the three of us (with Kenny’s little brother, Paulie) that spent all of our childhood playing sports or playing with our baseball cards.

Jimmy was what I would definitely call my “best friend” as a kid. Our parents went to the same church and were friends themselves. As a result Jimmy and I became close friends. Though we went to different schools, we were part of all the church activities together. We were friends when we had our first girlfriends. We were friends when we got our first cars. We spent many a nights sleeping over at each other’s houses.

Danny was another friend of mine as a kid. I remember spending the night at his house. Our favorite thing to do was to make prank phone calls.

Carl was another friend from my childhood. He was a red-haired kid. The one thing I remember about Carl is that his family was universalists (I didn’t know that word back then). They believed that in the end, God would forgive everyone and let everyone into heaven. I wonder what Carl believes today.

College brought some good friends into my life. Randy was my roommate my freshman year at Liberty. He was quite a cut-up who was always the center of attention. I really enjoyed him. He got in trouble for taking a ride in one of the dryers in the laundromat on campus. He use to wear a shirt that said, “I rode the dryer at LBC" (Liberty Baptist College). Then there was Bruce. I don’t think I’ve ever shared more good times with a friend as I did with Bruce. Man, were we opposites but we grew close during our college years ands ended up being “best man” in each other’s weddings.

Getting this e-mail from a childhood friend sure took me down nostalgia lane. I’m thankful for the friends of my past. I’m even more thankful for the friends I have today.

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