Thursday, May 28, 2009


The mission’s portion of our projected budget for the upcoming fiscal year was one of the few areas where a minimal overall increase occurred. While most areas in the church budget saw a decrease, the overall mission’s budget saw a minimal $2,000 increase.

Here at Grace, it is our goal to support in larger ways those that God calls out of our church rather than supporting dozens upon dozens of people in minimal amounts that our people hardly know. It is our ultimate goal to support those who God calls out of our church into full-time service internationally at 50% of their overall support team.

The only area that was added to the budget this year was supporting Sue Weaver who use to be one of our missioanries in France with her husband, Marlin. She now has a part-time roll with Grace Brethren International Missions. Below is a list of all of the missionaries and ministries supported by the missions portion of our budget which this year totals $223,200.00.

Jay and Deb Hocking (France)
Christian and Bonnie Beuggert (Thailand)
Scott and Rebekah Becker (Ireland)
Mike and Joan McCracken (short-term trip)
Cambodian National Foundation Layers (Cambodia)
Sue Weaver (Grace Brethren International Missions)
Grace American Indian Missions
Jim Brown (Philadelphia)
Bob Soto (Texas)
Carlos Peralta (Florida)
Coatesville Spanish Ministry (Pennsylvania)
Tom and Janis Kemp (Washington State)
Grace College (Winona Lake, Indiana)
Lancaster Bible College (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
CE National (Winona Lake, Indiana)
Timothy Kurtanek (CE National)
GO2 Church Planting Ministries
Jim Snavely (GO2 Church Planting)
North Atlantic Missions (Pennsylvania)
Camp Conquest (Pennsylvania)
Ken Keener (Camp Conquest)

Along with supporting these missionaries and ministries, we also budget for leadership costs to provide short term mission’s trips under the direction of our Mission Team here at Grace Church. We also provide some monies in the budget to help support teenagers from Grace Church who apply for and are accepted to Operation Barnabas which is a summer teen leadership training program sponsored by CE National. This does not include our support of the Christian Schools for orphans in the Central Africna Republic. Those monies are raised through our Birthday Gift for Jesus project each December.

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