Monday, October 20, 2008

The Naked Truth About Your Pastor

As we moved closer to our addition of a third Sunday morning service, several people in the church expressed their concern for my health with preaching three times on a Sunday morning each week now. I really did appreciate all of the genuine care. Three adults actually went together to give me a certificate to Tim’s Gym for a fitness evaluation.

I figured, “Hey, how hard can this be. I know am not in the best physical condition, but I can’t that bad, right?” So after several e-mails back and forth to get all of the details I made an appointment at the Gym and went down to meet with Hillary so she could declare me physically fit.

So what were the results? If anything, I tend to be too transparent so, like the presidential candidates, I am going to put all of the results in writing. I’ll warn you now, if you have a weak stomach, you just may want to shield your eyes from the rest of today’s entry.

I am 5 foot 8 inches tall (so far…so good!)!

My weight came in at 215 pounds (but my tennis shoes, socks, t-shirt and gym shorts had to be a good portion of that…not to mention the beard I grew recently!)!

My Body Mass Index came in at Obese Class 1 (that is the level right above overweight and two levels above normal…but look on the bright side, at least it was below Obese Class 2 and Obese Class 3. You see there is a silver lining to every situation!)!

My systolic blood pressure was 137. That means nothing to me but according to the evaluation that puts me in the pre-hypertension level (“Pre”…that’s a good word!)! But my diastolic number came in at 101 which I guess is right at the beginning of stage 2 hypertension (no word “pre” that time…ouch!)!

My resting heart rate chimed in at 76 beats per minute.

My Cardiovascular Max VO2 (whatever that is) was FAIR (Praise the Lord!! At least there was one area of my fitness evaluation that I didn’t fail!)!

My bicep strength was 45 pounds and was given the title POOR (but it was only 5 pounds away from fair so I don’t feel too bad about that one!)!

27.5% of my body composition was fat which was given the title HIGH (okay, to be honest, this was just 2.5% away from being VERY HIGH)!

So to sum it up, according to the test, I am a 43 year old preacher in a 56 year old body!

That’s the naked truth about your pastor, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I think that it's time for the church staff to have gym memberships as part of their compensation package...

Pastor Scott said...

Hmmmm, Anonymous, I wonder if you are really one of my staff members writing in disguise!?

Good thought!!

kimmer4life said...

And I'm assuming (love that word) that you're going to talk with your physician about that stage 2 hypertension? AND...while you're at should have a Hgb A1C. Diabetes is a MAJOR risk factor in heart disease as well as HTN.

Alan Stoeckle said...

Pastor Scott,

You can't leave us hanging about the future of your fitness plans. Please keep us up to date on what your plans are (inquiring minds want to know). I'm not sure I want to look into my fitness standings, maybe you'll be an inspiration to many.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, mom...I mean, Kim!!!

Alan, if there is anything to report, I will.

Randal DeWitt said...

Pastor Scott,

In all that you do for the people at Grace & throughout the community. Your teachings & living by example that God is & must be - First in our lives.
I hope you will permit the people at Grace to contribute to your health & well being@ Tim's Gym.

To 'PUMP-UP THE PREACHER' to have you teach & lead us for many years to come.
R. De Witt