Monday, October 13, 2008

Bewitched and the Bible

Do you remember the old television sitcom that ran from 1964-1972 staring Elizabeth Montgomery called, Bewitched? In the show, Montgomery played the role of Samantha who was a witch that chose to live in the mortal world and married a mortal by the name of Darrin who was played Dick York until 1969, when he left the show for health reasons, and was replaced by Dick Sargent. By the way, after Sargent replaced York on the show as Darrin, the show’s ratings dropped 13 places. Below are some other interesting pieces of trivia about the show. Be sure to read to the end because the last piece of trivia has a connection to the Bible and our current study here at Grace Church on Ghostbusters!

During the second season, five babies played the role of Tabitha Stephens!

During the first 6 years, practically every car seen on the show was a Chevrolet!

Samantha actually twitched her upper lip, not her nose, when casting a spell!

Almost all of the female witches’ character names end with the letter “a”!

In the show, Darrin graduated from the University of Missouri class of 1950!

In the show, Darrin and Samantha lived at 1164 Morning Glory Circle in Westport, CT!

The exterior of the Kravitz house is the same as used in the show, The Partridge Family!

In the show, Samantha’s maiden name was never revealed!

In the show, Samantha’s birthday is June 6!

Even though Mr. McMahon was often referred to, he only appeared in two episodes!

In the original draft of the pilot episode, Samantha was going to be called Cassandra!

There were protests when the show was about to premier, primarily from viewers in the “Bible Belt” states who were afraid that the show was going to promote devil worship!

But here is the most interesting piece of trivia. Did you realize that the names of Samantha and her mother, Endora, parallel the Biblical story of First Samuel 28 where King Saul goes to the witch to ask her to conjure up a dead spirit? The dead spirit Saul wanted to speak to was that of the Prophet Samuel, where the name “Samantha” came from on the show. The witch that Saul consulted lived in the city of Endor. From the witch of Endor came the show’s name for "Endora." Last Sunday we started looking at this story from First Samuel 28. We will complete our look at this intriguing Old Testament story this Sunday here at Grace!

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