Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Vote Is In!

Two weeks from today America will elect a new President and, in essence, a new leader of the free world. Perhaps one of the greatest rights we have as Americans is the right to vote. How could anyone who lives in our county not see this as a high privilege? Yet, tens of thousands of citizens will bypass on this day and not bother to even show up at the polling places.

I have already completed my civic duty. On Election Day, I will be in Israel but, mark it down, my absentee ballot has been requested, received, filled out, and submitted. During my four years at Liberty University, Dr Falwell certainly drilled into all of his students the need to vote. We use to often joke that Dr. Falwell really only had three sermons that he found ways to recreate over and over. They were “Get Saved!” “Get Going!” Don’t Quit!” And then every four years he would add another one…“Vote!” I was at Liberty during the second Reagan election. I remember Dr. Falwell saying many times, “ I’m not going to tell you who to vote for…you can vote for the Ronald Reagan of your choice!”

So, who did I vote for? Even though this is my personal blog and there would be nothing illegal or dangerous to the church’s tax standing for me to do so, I am going to refrain from making my choice known at this time. I will tell you what issues I took into consideration as I marked my ballot for national, state and local candidates. Though I do not have one set litmus test like some Christians do, these are the issues I am concerned about as I consider my vote in any election.

Which candidates are pro-life?

Which candidates are pro-marriage and identify marriage as a union between one man and one woman?

Which candidates are pro-Israel?

Which candidates will cut taxes?

Which candidates are strong on national security and the war on terror?

Which candidates are committed to offshore drilling and becoming energy independent?

Maybe you don’t share the same core values as I do when it comes to choosing your candidate. That’s fine. In fact, that’s what America is all about. What really matters is if you participate in the process. In fact, I have already prepared a series of four messages that I will preach in January as the new President takes the oath of office. We will be calling this series, “Hail to the Chief: Grace Church Responds to our New President!” So, with that in mind, here are four pieces of advice…“Get Saved!” “Get Going!” Don’t Quit!” And, come November 4, "Vote!”


Mary Barr said...

Hey Scott,

My vote was sent in last Friday. I really liked the whole absentee ballot thing. It was my first time to vote that way. No standing in line-that's great!

By the way-I'm giving up my age this way, but that's okay...my first time to vote was on Nov. 7, 1972. It was the first election day that 18 year olds were legally able to vote in the USA (before that it was 21). It was also my birthday. I turned 18 that day. (Side note: My guy lost, Nixon won.)

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks for participating in the process, Mary! That's great.

1972 - Let's see...I would have been 7 years old!