Monday, August 04, 2008

Transparent and Tired

I know some get nervous whenever I get transparent. But, at the same time, one of the purposes of this blog is to share what I am feeling and thinking and today, to be quite honest, I am feeling very, very tired!

This has been a whirlwind summer that has included quick trips to California and Ohio to interview prospective Pastors of Connection; a week in Colorado visiting family; and a week at Adult Conference in Florida where my glasses fogged up immediately upon opening any door to walk outside and where you lived in a constant state of sweat due to the heat and humidity. I also spoke in one of the main sessions at the conference. Add to that the fact that I spent the week with the younger guys on staff who flat ran me ragged!! That week also brought about saying what in all likelihood was a final good-bye to my Grandma until we both get to heaven.

The flight back last Thursday was also taxing. We sat on the runway in Tampa for nearly 3 hours with the engines and air conditioning off as we waited out a storm in Charlotte. We then pulled into our gate in Charlotte just in time to make a very quick bathroom stop and then jump right on to our next flight to Harrisburg without any chance to eat. Then my luggage didn’t make the connecting flight which took even more time at the airport and even more hunger pains. That led to a very late night dinner stop at Arby’s in Ephrata on the way to take Matt McElravy home.

Right upon arriving at the airport I got a call from Steve Burghart, our Pastor of Connections candidate who was coming in the next day for a visit. His flight had been cancelled which resulted in having to do some rapid adjusting the next morning. The Burghart family encountered all kinds of delays getting from California to Pennsylvania including a flat tire on their airplane which didn’t put them into Harrisburg until late which resulted in another late night dinner stop…this time at Subway in Manheim. That got us to bed very late on Friday night and the next morning started very early with an Elder breakfast.

Saturday was spent hosting the Burgharts and officiating a wedding. Sunday was a full day of morning services, all the activities with the Burgharts in the afternoon and being part of the evening youth led communion. This coming week is filled with all of the normal activities, completing our visit with the Burgharts, and then attending the Leadership Summit which is all day on this coming Thursday and Friday. After that will be another full weekend of ministry.

Add to all of this the physical and emotional wear that Laura and I are both experiencing with getting ready to take our daughter, Joy, to her first year of college next Tuesday. Wow, I’m really not looking forward to that week at all.

So, I will start this week of blogging off by being very honest and transparent. Folks, listen, I’m tired!

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