Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days Again

One of the most exciting aspects of pastoring Grace Church in Lititz is being able to be a daily part of Lititz Christian School (LCS) which is a ministry of our church. I love rubbing shoulders with the faculty, staff and especially the students. Between Morningstar Daycare and LCS we have over 400 students in our building each and every day and it all kicks off again today which is the first day of school for LCS.

Morningstar Daycare and Lititz Christian School are led by Rick Bernhardt (pictured in his earlier years above) who is our Senior Administrator over these ministries. Over the past two years he has led our educational ministries to a new height of excellence that I am both excited about and very proud of. I am looking forward to seeing what God does in and through our daycare and school this year from the newborns in the daycare all the way up to the seniors of the class of 2009 who will walk across the stage and get their diplomas before you know it.

This morning our entire educational ministry will gather together in our newly renovated auditorium for First Day Worship to start the school year off right…focusing on and worshiping the Lord. I am looking forward to sitting in the auditorium this morning and worshipping with our daycare and school family. This is one of the things that makes an education at Lititz Christian School unique and inviting.

So in honor of the first day of school, let me share some another picture of our illustrious Senior Administrator from days gone by. Yes, the following picture really is Mr. Bernhardt.

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