Monday, August 11, 2008

Screaming in Increments

Last Tuesday was our last family day together before Joy goes to college tomorrow. So we decided to splurge a bit and we spent the day at Hershey Park. We had a blast. The day just could not have been any better.

I have to admit that it has been a long time since I have ridden roller coasters and they just aren’t as fun as I remember them. Keep in mind that I can not go in circles. One time around and I will probably toss my cookies. Two times around and the deposit is guaranteed. The first coaster we went on my kids told me had just one loop. That was true. But what they didn’t tell me is that the rest of the trip was nothing but corkscrews. Do you know how awful it is to race through that track with your omelet and potatoes that you enjoyed just an hour earlier trying to make a reappearance of sorts?

I did end up riding a good 6 or more coasters with the kids. Laura is just not a coaster person. She can spin in circles until the cows come home, but the least little feeling of falling and she freaks out! However, the kids talked her into going on the Mouse Trap coaster with the promise and assurance that there would be no sudden drops. Well, if you have ever road that ride you know that they conveniently forgot that drops are involved. I wish all of you could have heard Laura scream. I don’t think the kids and I have ever laughed so hard. You see, Laura screams in increments. It is not one long scream. It is like Morse Code…“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

The picture they took of us on the ride said it all. You see, me, Joy and Jonathan laughing uncontrollably and Laura, with a look of horror, letting out this series of short screams! I wish now I would have spent the $10 to buy the picture so I could have posted it! It would have been so worth the trouble I would have gotten myself into!

The highlight of the day for me, though, was shutting out my son in a hockey game (2-0) in the arcade and then beating all of my family at the “Whack A Mole” game to win the stupid looking stuffed monkey. I’m 43 and I still like beating my kids at games! That’s why I quit playing basketball with my son…he’s gotten too good at it!

In all, you can summarize the day this way:

$144 – Park Tickets
$35 – Breakfast at the Cocoa Diner
$10 – Parking
$10 – Locker
$100+ - Food and drinks
$25 - Games
$40 – T-Shirts


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