Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prayer Requests from Liberty

We will spend today finalizing all that we can do to get Joy off to a good start in college life. Tonight we will say good-bye so for the next 24 hours, here is our itinerary:

Tonight we will say good-bye, cry, shower, cry, get ready for bed, cry, go to bed, cry, get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, cry, get up tomorrow morning, cry, shower, cry, get dressed, cry, load the vehicle, cry, check out of the hotel, cry, drive, cry, stop for breakfast, cry, stop for gas, cry, eat lunch, cry, arrive home and cry.

Seriously, for those who have been through this stage of life, you understand. For those who have not been here yet, one day you will understand. Either way, below are some specific requests that you can be praying about for our family.

Pray that we will get everything accomplished today to get Joy ready!

Pray for God’s grace for all of us as we say good-bye tonight!

Pray for a comfortable first night for Joy in her dorm room tonight!

Pray for a great start to a lifetime of friendship Joy with her roommates (Lauren and Kara)!

Pray for an effective Freshman Orientation for Joy Wednesday through Friday!

Pray for safety and comfort as Laura and I drive home Thursday!

Pray for peace for Jonathan (pictured above with his sister) who had to stay at home due to soccer preseason!

Pray for a great first week of classes for Joy next week!

Pray for God to continue to supply the funds needed for Joy’s tuition, room and board!

Pray for wisdom and safety for Joy over the academic year!

Pray that God would surround Joy withy godly friends, Resident Assistants and faculty!

Pray for Laura, Jonathan and myself to adjust to how quiet our house is going to be!

Pray that God would use these four years at Liberty to continue to ignite Joy’s spiritual passion and to shape her for what God has called her to do!

Pray that the next 6 weeks until Joy comes home from Fall break goes by very, very, very, very, very, very, very fast!

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