Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Stuff the Sunroom LIST

This October it is our desire to STUFF THE SUNROOM with thousands of items that four local organizations can use to help meet the physical needs of hurting women and children right here in Lancaster County (see yesterday’s blog for more information). We need everyone in our ministry to participate! Be sure to start now picking up some of the following items every time you go to the store so that we can literally STUFF THE SUNROOM this October! This is our opportunity to demonstrate to our community that we care. After all, people will not care how much we know until the know how very much we care about them! Do you care?

Diapers (all sizes); Baby lotion; Bath soap; Baby Blankets; Onesies; Bibs; Baby food (stages 1 & 2); Bottle scrubbers; Pacifiers; Diaper bags; Socks; Underwear; Sippy cups
Bottles; Formula (Enfamil w/iron; Similac w/iron)

Laundry soap; Fabric softener; Bleach; Dish soap; Brooms/ Mops; Bathroom cleaner; Buckets; Windex; Pledge; Disinfectant wipes; Lysol spray

Colored pencils; Washable markers/ washable paint; Washable crayons

FOOD (non-perishable food items)
Canned fruit/ vegetables; Soup/Pasta; Rice/Potatoes; Cereal (ex. Life, Cinnamon Life, Honey Nut Cheerios); Condiments/spices; Peanut butter/Jelly; 100% Juice (cans or bottles); Healthy snacks; Pancake syrup

Sorry; Risk; Monopoly; Scrabble; Yahtzee; Connect Four; Dominoes; Chess/Checkers; Pictionary; Uno; Scattergories; Playing cards

Copy Paper; Pens/ Pencils; Batteries; White out; Markers; Manilla Folders; Stamps; Light bulbs

Paper plates/ Paper cups; Plastic flatware; Napkins; Paper towels; Toilet paper; Garbage bags (kitchen and large trash can size); Clear contact paper

Shampoo/conditioner; Soap; Toothbrush/ Toothpaste; Feminine products; Brushes/combs; Hand sanitizer; Deodorant; Hair spray/ Hair gel; Razors; Moisturizer; Chapstick; Ponytail holders (elastic only/no metal pieces please)

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