Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Sunday - How Great Is Our God!

This Sunday we will begin a new 4-week series through Psalm 139 that we are calling, “How Great Is Our God.”  Through this series we will see 4 very important attributes of God and how they affect us in our daily living.  These include His omniscience (the fact that He is all knowing); His omnipresence (the fact that he is present everywhere); His omnipotence (the fact that He is all-powerful) and His holiness.  We begin this Sunday with His omniscience as we study verses 1-6 and answer the question, “How well does God know me?” 

During our worship in the Contemporary Service on Sunday you will also be introduced to our environmental projection which is part of our technology upgrade that has been installed and is ready for usage.  Trust me, you will be amazed at what it looks like and how it will enhance our worship of God and study of His Word. 

Being that it is the first Sunday of the month, it is also communion Sunday here at E-Free.  This week we will be celebrating communion earlier in the service, before the sermon.  As a result, the Classic Service will be having their own time of communion in the Chapel this Sunday led by Pastor Jim.

Please also take special note that this Sunday night at 6:30pm will be a very special Concert of Worship in the Gospel Center as we look to tie in last Sunday’s message about “remembering the saints who have gone before us” with our new series on “the greatness of God” that we will begin this Sunday.  Along with great times of worship through singing and prayer, we will also be showing an extended Skit Guys video on Psalm 139 that is very funny (after all, we can worship God through laughter) and challenging.  We will also be doing more with our environmental projection in our evening concert of worship as well.  I strongly encourage you to make this Sunday evening a priority.  You’ll be glad you did!

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