Sunday, October 27, 2013

NOW through the END

As we enter the month of November we have 3 major themes for Sunday mornings.  Beginning Sunday, November 3, we will start a new message series called "How Great Is Our God" which will be a verse by verse study through Psalm 139.  We will be answering the questions, "How well does God know me?"; "How close is God to me?"; "How carefully has God made me?"; and "How much does God protect me?"  This will be a 4-week series covering November 3, 17, 24 and December 1.

On November 10, being that it is Veteran's Day weekend, we will take a one week break from our "How Great Is Our God" series for a special "Honoring of Veterans Sunday."  On this Sunday, instead of having two identical worship services as usual, we will have two completely different service (but at the same times as usual - 9am and 10:30am).  The 9am service will be our regular worship and preaching service.  This will be the only service I will be preaching in on that morning with a special Veteran's Day themed message as we look at some of "David's Mighty Men."  The 10:30am service will be a special honoring of all veterans.  Both services that morning will be special so attend either of them - or better yet - attend them both!

On Sunday, December 8, we will begin our Christmas message series that we are calling, "Let Your Light Shine."  On Sundays from December 8 through December 29 we will be walking through all of the teachings and stories in Scripture in which we see Jesus claiming to be "the Light" and how He taught us that as believers today, we are to be "His light."  This corresponds with our encouragement to everyone in our church to not only put up outdoor Christmas lights this year, but to leave them up and on through Easter in order to be a bright reminder to our community that to really understand Christmas, you have to connect it to Easter!

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