Sunday, November 03, 2013

Baby Moe - Coming Soon to Gaylord E-Free

Each winter we do a character study here at Gaylord E-Free.  Two years ago we studied the life of Noah (seen above).  Last winter we walked through the life of Joseph (seen below).

Winter 2014 will take us on a new 10-week journey through the life of Moses from his birth to the time of the exodus from Egypt.  Our Creative Ideas Group met last Saturday morning to begin our brainstorming and planning for the first 4-weeks of this upcoming series.  We have some wonderful things in the works including:

An amazingly funny video to open the series in which we find Moses sitting around the table with many other characters from Scripture trying to brainstorm ways of how to make the Bible more exciting.

A reading of the story of Moses in Dr Seuss fashion.

A series of clips from an actual modern day person who is learning the same lessons today that Moses learned so many years ago.

Live actors on stage during the sermons which allows me to literally enter the story as I preach each week

A skit done by children that tells more of the story of Moses

A set on the stage along with our new environmental projection system that will make you feel like you are in Egypt on one week; sitting by the Nile River the next week; watching sheep in the wilderness of Midian the next week; and standing at the burning bush the very next week.

And that's just the first 4-weeks of the series!  It is going to be an amazing study!  Watch for our promotional video coming in December!

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