Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tim Hortons: A Lesson in Good Coffee and Forgiveness

One of my personal weaknesses is coffee.  I really do believe that there is going to be a KEURIG machine in every mansion in heaven!  I drink coffee all day (mostly decaf - I'm usually wired enough).  As a result, I get around to all the coffee places in town quite regularly.  I especially enjoy McDonalds and Biggby Coffee.  But I have to say that my favorite coffee in town is at Tim Horton's (and with my Gaylord High School Band Booster Card I get a free doughnut with every coffee purchase - NICE!)!

To be perfectly honest, however, when I first came to town I resisted pulling in to Tim Horton's.  In fact, my stomach usually knotted up just driving by the establishment.  The problem wasn't Tim Horton's.  The problem was me.  You see, Tim Horton's reminded me of a wound from my past.  Earlier in my life I was deeply hurt by a person who was loosely connected to Tim Horton's restaurants.  The wound really had nothing at all to do with Tim Horton's, but the mental connection in my head between that person and this restaurant went directly to my heart.  I have to admit that this spiritual battle lasted for months.

Many times as I would drive by the local Tim Horton's and cringe at the memory, the Spirit of God would prompt me that it was time to pull in for a cup of coffee and let go of the bitterness that was still brewing in my spirit.  Sadly, for months I quenched the Spirit's leading in this area.  In fact, I would find myself taking the back roads whenever I had to go to the other end of town just so I would not have to pass by the Tim Horton's restaurant.

Forgiveness is a strange thing.  Sometimes you convince yourself that you have mastered it only to discover by your inability or unwillingness to pull in for a a coffee that you still have a ways to go.  I'll never forget the morning about a year ago that I finally said to myself, "ENOUGH!"  It was time to take that step of faith and go beyond my fleshly desire to hang on to my bitterness and to forgive.  After all, by my not being able or willing to enter the local Tim Horton's establishment I was not in any way hurting the individual who wounded me.  I was only hurting myself and allowing that seed of bitterness in my life to grow and grow and grow.

So that morning I drove to the local Tim Horton's and, with sweaty palms and a racing pulse, I ordered a cup of hot Tim Horton's coffee (black - no sugar or creamer because I'm a real man!) and I sat down in a booth and I drank every last drop of it.  I can't say as if that cup of coffee took away all my bitterness but I can say that it was one giant step of faith for me in the right direction.

That ended up being the best cup of coffee I have ever drank!

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alisa said...

God is so good! I am always so encouraged to read your blogs :)
It's nice to know the roll of Pastor is not one of perfection, but progression! You've come a long way since Osceola. Guns, Camping, liking the snow, Tim Hortons....... wow. Who knows maybe you'll start loving Country Music :) Have a God day! Keep on growing and glorifying! He shines beautifully through your whole family! Miss you all!