Friday, October 18, 2013

Sundays Upcoming

There is no question about it - Sunday is the very best day of the week, especially here at Gaylord E-Free Church.  Here is what is upcoming in regards to our message series in Sundays upcoming:

This Sunday - October 20:  We will complete our 2-week look at the story of Saul and the Witch of Endor in 1 Samuel 28 as part of our series, "Mythbusters: Are Ghosts Real?"  Last Sunday we saw the historical and even the geographical background of this rather bizarre story in Scripture.  Saul is desperate, so what does he do?  He goes to a witch - a medium - and asks her to conjure up the spirit of the dead prophet, Samuel.  Now something happens that is so out of the ordinary that the witch screams.  What was it?  Was it Samuel?  Was it a demon?  That's what we will talk about this Sunday.

Next Sunday - October 27:  This will be the final Sunday of our series, "Mythbusters: Are Ghosts Real?"  It is also the Sunday before Halloween.  What a controversial day Halloween has become in the church.  But should it be that controversial?  Why is it that most Christians simply want to curl up inside and wait the day out - almost skipping it on the calendar?  Isn't October 31 a day that the Lord has made?  Shouldn't we rejoice and be glad in it?  This week the sermon is going to be very different but I am going to show you how this Halloween can be a spiritually uplifting day for you no matter what your convictions are when it comes to participating in the many cultural aspects of it.

As we move into November we will look to have a 4-week series called "How Great Is Our God" as we study verse by verse through Psalm 139.  That series will be interrupted on November 10 for a special Veteran's Weekend.  On that Sunday, our 9am service will be our regular preaching service and I will be sharing a message related to Veteran's Day.  Then, our 10:30am service will be a special honoring of Veterans which is being put together by Jack Dutton, our Director of Counseling ministries here at Gaylord E-Free, along with his Soldier Ministry Planning Team.  Please note that there will be no preaching aspect to our 10:30 service - that will take place during our 9am service.  So you can chose to attend either service or both services as they will be completely different from each other.

We will then take the Christmas month of December to focus on the idea of LIGHT.  Our theme for the month will be "Let Your Light Shine" as we connect all of the Christmas lights from this time of the year to the many instances of Jesus referring to Himself as "The Light" and telling us as His followers that we are "The Light of the World."

We then typically use the winter months to do a character study in the Bible.  So starting in January and running through the first 2 Sundays in March, we will be studying the life of Moses from his birth through his leading Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

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